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By Laura El-Tantawy
Updated Jul 01, 2010
FERVENT SPIRITS is a conceptual exploration of faith. It is not...
Art, Christian, Christianity, Documentary, Faith, Holy Land, Islam, Jerusalem, Jewish, Judiasm, Muslim, Prayer, Religion
By Jeppe BøJe Nielsen
Updated Jan 28, 2014
LOURDES "The forces of light and darkness go hand-in-hand in the city...
Belief, Celebration, Christianity, Mixed Medium, Photojournalism, Religion
By Tony Donovan
Updated Jan 31, 2014
Belief, Christianity, Forest, Photography, Politics, Saw Mill, Family Saw Mill, Bible, Elderly, Senior Citizens
By Blazej Marczak
Updated Feb 05, 2014
A story about my partner’s family home in Slovakia. Story about the...
Catholicism, Christianity, Documentary, Family, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Home, Immigration, Migration, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Senior Citizens, Slovakia
Christian Dogma
By Canbra Hodsdon
Updated Sep 16, 2017
In 1535, an order of Ursuline nuns was founded by St. Angela Merici in...
Abandonment, Aging, Belief, Catholicism, Chapel, Christianity, Church, Community, Convent, Documentary, Faith, Fine Art, Nuns, Religion, Ursulines
Easter. Guatemala
By Eva Lepiz
Updated May 12, 2016
LA ANTIGUA GUATEMALA Arts, Celebrations, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Faith, Fine Art, Historical, Hope, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Sorrow, Spirituality, Travel
Shibuya Gospel
By Philip Arneill
Updated Apr 10, 2015
SHIBUYA GOSPEL Growing up in a deeply religious Northern Ireland...
Shibuya, Tokyo Activism, Christianity, Documentary, Environmental, Landscape, Personal, Religion, Street
An Illustrated Guide To Greece
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Apr 07, 2017
For most people, the idea of Greece evokes either images of sunny beaches...
Greece Beachs, Beauty, Borders, Christianity, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Greece, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Travel, Water
J`Rai Party
By Ingrid Halvorsen
Updated Feb 10, 2016
It is the 1st of january, new-years day in Kon Tum, central Vietnam. This...
Kon Tum, Vietnam Adolescence, Catholicism, Celebrations, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Drinking, Events, Family, Friends + Family, Hill Tribes, Jar Wine, Minority, New-Years, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel, Vietnam
Dakia Leper Colony
By Ingrid Halvorsen
Updated Feb 10, 2016
Kon Tum, central Vietnam, early 2015. This is Dakia leper colony. In...
Kon Tum, Vietnam Catholicism, Christianity, Community, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Health/Healing, Isolation, Leper Colony, Loss, Multimedia, Oppression, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Sickness, Vietnam
In The Shadow Of The Vatican
By Martina Albertazzi
Updated Dec 09, 2018
I received a Catholic education, not because my parents were particularly...
Rome, Italy Belief, Celebrations, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Europe, Faith, Freedom, Hinduism, Immigration, International, Islam, Migration, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Protests, Religion, Sikhism, Spirituality
Camino Al Rocio
By Cristian Baciu
Updated Aug 10, 2015
Photography series covering the pilgrimage of the Sanlucar de Barameda...
Huelva Christianity, Desert, Photojournalism, Religion, Travel
Nabugoye Hill
By Jaime FernáNdez Gianzo
Updated Sep 25, 2015
Nabugoye Hill is the known name of the hills that surround, towards the...
Uganda, Africa Africa, Borders, Christianity, Community, Confrontation, Discrimination, Documentary, Faith, Freedom, Islam, Judaism, Minority, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Spirituality, Uganda
Christian Ink
By Tim Thompson
Updated Sep 08, 2015
Belief, Black And White, Christianity, Documentary, Emotion, Faith, Fear, Freedom, Hope, Isolation, Joy, Love, Peace, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spirituality, Youth
Armenia And Karabakh
By Jon Michael Anzalone
Updated Jan 10, 2017
Ա,  Ayb . The letter  A.  The start of a journey. Ayb...
Armenia Analog, Armenia, Asia, Black And White, Borders, Christianity, Confrontation, Europe, Family, Genocide, Middle East, Nagorno-Karabakh, Personal, Photography, Politics, Revolution, Street, Travel
By Catalina Merchan
Updated Sep 17, 2015
Bogota Belief, Candid, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Faith, Latin America, Religion, Street
Jungle Hut To Bronx Refuge
By Elaine Ellman
Updated Dec 07, 2018
The loss of home often leads to a psychic dizziness not easily stabilized,...
Bronx New York United States Black And White, Buddhism, Candid, Children, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Fashion, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Loss, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Resettle Refugees, Sorrow, Street, Teens, Youth
Where Will You Spend Eternity
By Sylvia De Swaan
Updated Jul 10, 2018
“Where Will You Spend Eternity,” about how small cities and towns...
Utica, New York And Environs Abandonment, Aging, Architecture, Capitalism, Christianity, Documentary, Environment, Fine Art, Immigration, Landscape, Photography, Street
L'Amour Nous Unit
By Nadja Wohlleben
Updated Feb 09, 2016

Beirut, Lebanon Activism, Belief, Candid, Christianity, Civil Rights, Documentary, Faith, Family, Freedom, Hope, Human Rights, Islam, Love, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Revolution, Wedding
Hometown Of Faith
By Wilfredo Riera
Updated Jan 18, 2017
Hometown of Faith Since 1855, each January 14th, the Divina Pastora...
Barquisimeto Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Latin America, Motherhood, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Spirituality, Travel, Venezuela
Bamenda, Cameroon. Night Falls On Nkwen Street
By Mascha Joustra
Updated Jun 08, 2017
Night falls on Nkwen Street in Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa. This is the most...
Cameroon Belief, Cameroon, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Faith, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Photojournalism
Spiritual YaYa
By MaryLou Uttermohlen
Updated Apr 19, 2016
Spiritual YaYa offers a peek behind the veil shrouding the spiritual...
New Orleans, La USA Belief, Buddhism, Celebrations, Children, Christianity, Civil Rights, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Environmental, Faith, Freedom, Happiness, Health/Healing, Hinduism, Human Rights, Latin America, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photojournalism, Privacy, Religion, Sikhism, Spirituality, Street, Travel, Vacation
By Pedro Farias-Nardi
Updated Mar 22, 2016
Procession is a series of four diptychs created for a contest done by the...
La Romana Dominican Republic Christianity, Documentary, Gaga Dominicano, Synchretism, Minority, Photography, Religion
The March Of The Good Will Against The Antisemitism
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Apr 23, 2016
The March of Good Will on 17th April 2016 in Prague. Organized by Czech ICEJ...
Czech Republic, Prague Action, Christianity, Discrimination, Documentary, Emotion, Freedom, Happiness, Human Rights, Judaism, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Spirituality
By Nima Taradji Photography
Updated Apr 16, 2018
Via Crucis or The Living Stations of the Cross is the re-enactment of Jesus...
Pilsen Neighberhood, Chicago, Illinois Belief, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Events, Faith, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Spirituality, Street
By Scott Bennett
Updated Aug 28, 2016
Salvation Mountain can be considered a cultural icon. A Mecca for pop...
Salvation Mountain Abandonment, Action, Activism, Arts, Beauty, Celebrations, Christianity, Civil Rights, Community, Desert, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fine Art, Globalization, Graffiti, Happiness, Historical, Hope, Joy, Landscape, Leonard Knight, Love, Peace, Peacekeeping, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Stock, Street, Travel
Gypsy Soul
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Mar 03, 2017
My photos are from the Gypsy International Day celebration in Olomouc (April...
Czech Republic, Olomouc Adolescence, Arts, Beauty, Belief, Celebrations, Children, Christianity, Community, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Events, Family, Freedom, Happiness, Joy, Minority, Motherhood, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Spirituality, Youth
By Matthias Koch
Updated Aug 14, 2018
Eschatology “It happened that a fire broke out backstage in a theater....
Abandonment, Abstract, Aging, Black And White, Christianity, Climate Change, Conceptual, Emotion, Environment, Faith, Fear, Fine Art, Genocide, Holocaust, Hope, Personal, Photography, Sexuality, Spirituality, Technology, Violence, War
Women At Horseshoe Bend
By George Nobechi
Updated Oct 31, 2016
On a windy day at Horseshoe Bend, a group of young Mennonite women sits by...
Page, Arizona Candid, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Feminism, Horseshoe Bend, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion
By Tom Sperduto
Updated Nov 06, 2016
PTSD Photography Project. 
Abandonment, Abuse, Animals, Beauty, Belief, Black And White, Buddhism, Christianity, Combat, Confrontation, Disability, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Dying/Death, Emotion, Faith, Fear, Fine Art, Hinduism, Hope, Hunger, Illness, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Love, Mental Illness, Military, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Religion, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Veterans, Violence, War, Yearning
By Jean-Marc Giboux
Updated Nov 22, 2016
"If it wasn't for Jesus, I'll be probably dead now" confess 35 year old...
USA Activism, Belief, Business, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Faith, Happiness, HARDCORE CHRISTIAN, Midwest, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Teens
A Cloistered Life
By Emilie Richardson
Updated Feb 20, 2017
The Corpus Christi Monastery is the oldest cloistered convent in the United...
Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Spirituality
My Small And Quiet Town ŠUmperk
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Dec 04, 2016
Šumperk is a small town in north Moravia,the Czech Republic, surrounded by...
ŠUmperk Action, Aging, Animals, Architecture, Arts, Beauty, Business, Children, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Environmental, Events, Family, Food, Freedom, Graffiti, Happiness, Historical, Joy, Love, Obesity, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Senior Citizens, Street, Travel, Water, Youth
Egypt's Dying Tourism Trade
By Shadi Bushra
Updated Dec 31, 2016
Three months ago, Sobhi Osman quit his job at a clothing factory, said...
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt Abandonment, Activism, Borders, Candid, Capitalism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Combat, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Dictatorship, Discrimination, Documentary, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Elections, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fear, Food, Freedom, Globalization, Historical, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Islam, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Migration, Military, Minority, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Oil, Oppression, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Racism, Religion, Revolution, Soldiers, Sorrow, Street, Teens, Terrorism, Travel, Violence, War, Water, Weapons, Workers' Rights, Youth
South Sudan's "Road To Prosperity"
By Shadi Bushra
Updated Dec 31, 2016
When South Sudan was birthed after a long...
Juba, South Sudan Abandonment, Abundance, Action, Activism, Adolescence, Adoption, Affluence, Agriculture, Architecture, Belief, Candid, Capitalism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Climate Change, Combat, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Dictatorship, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Elections, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Fire, Food, Forest, Freedom, Gangs, Genocide, Globalization, Historical, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Islam, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Migration, Military, Militias, Minority, Mixed Medium, Motherhood, Multimedia, Oil, Oppression, Orphans, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Prostitution, Racism, Religion, Revolution, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Street, Teens, Terrorism, Travel, Violence, War, Water, Weapons, Wildlife, Workers' Rights, Yearning, Youth
Protesting President Trump
By Steven Edson
Updated Apr 06, 2017
These photographs document the various protests and public demonstrations...
Activism, America, Borders, Candid, Christianity, Civil Rights, Community, Confrontation, Culture, Discrimination, Editorial, Elections, Events, Faith, Family, Fear, Feminism, Freedom, Friends + Family, Globalization, Historical, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Islam, Leadership, Love, Middle East, Nation, Oppression, Peace, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, Protests, Religion, Reporting, Revolution, School/College, Senior Citizens, Terrorism
By Rafael Fabres
Updated Mar 22, 2017
> Pacification. “An opportunity to leave this idea of the war on...
Abandonment, Abstract, Abuse, Action, Activism, Arts, Beauty, Black And White, Capitalism, Children, Christianity, Civil Rights, Combat, Community, Conceptual, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Elections, Faith, Family, Fear, Feminism, Fine Art, Freedom, Gangs, Gender, Globalization, Happiness, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Human Rights, Illness, Incarceration, IPhone, Joy, Landscape, Latin America, Loss, Love, Migration, Military, Militias, Minority, Oppression, Peace, Peacekeeping, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Poverty, Pregnancy/Birth, Prison, Privacy, Protests, Racism, Rape, Relationships, Religion, Revolution, Sexuality, Soccer, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Still Life, Swimming, Teens, Travel, Underwater, Violence, War, Water, Weapons
Russkaya Amerika
By Andrea Santolaya
Updated Apr 25, 2018
VIGILS OF FAITH In 1666 the Old Believers split from the Orthodox Church...
Nkolaevsk, Kenai Peninsula. Alaska Adolescence, Animals, Arts, Author Photography, Beauty, Belief, Black And White, Borders, Celebrations, Christianity, Climate Change, Community, Conceptual, Conservation, Documentary, Dreams, Education, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Faith, Family, Fine Art, Forest, Globalization, Historical, Hope, Immigration, Interior, Isolation, Landscape, Lifestyle, Loss, Love, Migration, Minority, Motherhood, Parenting & Family, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, Relationships, Religion, School/College, Spirituality, Teens, Travel, Wildlife, Womens Rights, Youth
Escalating Violence In Myanmar
By Vilhelm Stokstad
Updated Jul 20, 2017
Over the last couple of months, the Burmese military has intensified its...
Laiza, Myanmar Buddhism, Christianity, Combat, Documentary, Forest, Freedom, Human Rights, Military, Militias, Minority, Oppression, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion, Revolution, Violence, War
Myanmar's Drug Epidemic
By Vilhelm Stokstad
Updated Apr 10, 2018
Myanmar is the second largest producer of opium in the world, after...
Myanmar, Shan State Agriculture, Christianity, Community, Crime, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Hope, Human Rights, Incarceration, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Prison, Religion, Travel, Workers Rights
Station Island - A Photo Essay On Devotion And Penance
Updated Aug 01, 2018
Introduction Going to Lough Derg Island as a photographer is, I guess, my...
Lough Derg Belief, Black And White, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Lifestyle, Lough Derg, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Spirituality, Station Island, Travel
Prophets And Profits
By Tomaso Clavarino
Updated Dec 15, 2017
PROPHETS AND PROFITS While the churches in the Economic North are...
Ghana Business, Christianity, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Feminism, Gay Rights, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion, Spirituality
Keeping The Faith
By Steven St John
Updated Dec 18, 2017
A New Mexico village displaced by a lake. A church spared just beyond the...
Navajo Lake, Nm Celebrations, Christianity, Documentary, Faith, Photography, Photojournalism, Spirituality, Water
We Are Here
By Rena Effendi
Updated Apr 21, 2018
Coptic Christians in Egypt number more than 10,000,000, making them the...
Egypt Christianity, Civil Rights, Community, Documentary, Faith, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Shahriar Nouri
Updated Apr 23, 2018
Showing the world, the world. Through the keyboard, the lens and the...
Abstract, Abundance, Action, Activism, Adolescence, Affluence, Aging, Alternative Journalism, Arts, Belief, Black And White, Blog, Borders, Buddhism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Climate Change, Community, Counter Culture, Crime, Discrimination, Documentary, Dreams, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Environment, Faith, Fashion, Fear, Feminism, Fine Art, Freedom, Happiness, Hinduism, Historical, Homelessness, Human Rights, Immigration, Islam, Leadership, Lifestyle, Love, Mental Illness, Minority, Mixed Medium, Music, New Media, Oppression, Peace, Peacekeeping, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Prostitution, Protests, Racism, Religion, Reporting, Revolution, Science, Senior Citizens, Sexuality, Sikhism, Spirituality, Street, Teens, Travel, Womens Rights, Youth
Looking For America
By Kevin C. Downs
Updated Aug 20, 2018
Action, Beauty, Capitalism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Dictatorship, Documentary, Feminism, Fine Art, Gender, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Tales From Purgatory
By Khashayar Javanmardi
Updated Jul 17, 2018
I was in the first grade. My teacher said that ‘My best students live...
Turkry Arrests And Prosecutions, Belief, Borders, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Education, Freedom, Gender, Human Rights, Immigration, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Womens Rights
Confiteor (I Confess)
By Tomaso Clavarino
Updated Oct 03, 2018
Since 2004, more than 3,500 cases of child abuse committed by priests and...
Italy Abuse, Christianity, Civil Rights, Crime, Deaf, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Editorial, Faith, Fear, Fine Art, Human Rights, Parenting & Family, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Rape, Relationships, Religion, Sexuality, Spirituality, Violence, Youth
Tigray & Amhara Regions, Ethiopia
By Aviva Klein
Updated Dec 12, 2018
Amhara & Tigray Regions, Ethiopia In 2017, I  traveled to the...
Tirgray Region Africa, Architecture, Belief, Black And White, Children, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Essays, Ethiopia, Faith, Family, Jah, Judaism, Landscape, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Rastafari, Religion, Spirituality, Street, Travel, Youth