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Canadian storyteller focusing on gender + human rights |
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Location: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Sara Hylton is an award-winning Canadian freelance photographer covering women, conflict, and migration internationally. Her principal medium is the portrait; resilience, humanity, and the quiet beauty in everyday life guides her work and the... read on
Public Project
An American Dream
Maria, a 30-year-old mother of four originally from Vera Cruz, Mexico has been living in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas for five years as an undocumented migrant. She gave birth to a child with a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange. Maria did not know about this disorder before giving birth. Once her daughter, Jhoselyn, was brought into the world, she learned about the disease through google.

Maria and her husband both pick onions and do agricultural work, where they make $7.50 US dollars per hour. They struggle to support their family and live amidst an increasing crackdown on undocumented migrants since the passing of SB4. Though Maria cannot take her daughter to see a specialist due to checkpoints, she still receives medical support from Medicaid and has a nurse who comes to her home daily. 

With support from the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation, this project explores the isolating, painful, yet joyful life of this family while also considering the wider political context of what it means to live on the US-Mexico border.

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