Sarah Pabst

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: German
Biography: Sarah is a German-born (1984) documentary photographer and painter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Besides her personal intimate work she mainly focuses on women and identity topics. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and... read on

Dai (21) and Stefi (20) grew up in Monte Chingolo, a slum in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are friends and they are mothers. Sometimes they are single-mothers, sometimes they try to bring back family-life. They were still teenagers , when they both gave birth to a baby-girl. Their story is about their daily struggle to survive, the intent to provide a better future for their daughters, to finish school and work at the same time, to build a house and to protect them from the present violence and poverty that surrounds them. It's a story of sacrifice, of friendship, but most of all, it's a story of love, the unconditional love of a mother to her daughter.


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