Jorge Luis Chavarria

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Location: guatemala city
Nationality: Guatemala
Biography: Jorge Luis Chavarría Born in Guatemala (1978)—Jorge Luis Chavarría is a photographer and artist. Hi s work explores gender, culture,  identity,  and placement. His work is a crossroads of documentary photography,... read on
Public Story
Daily struggle
Credits: jorge luis chavarria
Updated: 06/22/10
Location: Guatemala

Daily struggle portrays the interior lives of wrestlers in Guatemala. To the local culture, these men are considered "stars" and role models. They live dual lives: as parents that support their families and as "idols or demons" for their fans that follow them every weekend. As a spectator I asked myself, what are they like behind their masks? How do they live their lives? What are their families like? What are their homes like? 

Portrayed as role models, supporters and loving parents, this series explores the reality of Guatemalan wrestlers and their atypical households. Revealed in a different light that they have been seen throughout history, the series shows the daily struggles of these men who remain both public figures and loving caregivers to their family.  


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