Jorge Luis Chavarria

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Location: guatemala city
Nationality: Guatemala
Biography: Jorge Luis Chavarría Born in Guatemala (1978)—Jorge Luis Chavarría is a photographer and artist. Hi s work explores gender, culture,  identity,  and placement. His work is a crossroads of documentary photography,... read on
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consumo/ consumption
Credits: jorge chavarria
Updated: 01/27/14
Location: guatemala
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"Vamos a la Paca"... a very common  sentence in Guatemala, "Paca" is derived from the word "package" and is the word used in my country to a place that sales second-hand goods that comes from package containers from industrialized countries.  They were initially donations to our countries, latin american countries, and was a solution for clothes necessity for many years, this sales started in the corners of each country slum or poor places, but globalization has reached us now too, things have changed and changed our spending habits in the country, introducing mass consumption products and replicating behavior occurring in first world countries.  A Paca is not anymore what was used to be, we are now learning from first world countries, learning what mass consumption is.

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