Rosario Heer

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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality: Argentina
Biography: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started my studies in photojournalism in 2005 in ARGRA. In 2007 formed Ph-Photos looking for a platform for my freelance work. Collaborated in local newspapers such as El Argentino, Revista Viva ( Clarin), Urban... read on
Public Project
Credits: rosario heer
Updated: 12/16/12


I never imagined myself going to prison. Not for a crime, not for a visit, not for the sake of curiosity - not for any reason at all. In my imagination, I pictured convicts dressed in black and white stripes, shuffling along with balls and chains around their ankles - a misconception obviously fueled by years of television and movies. With all this in mind and camera in hand, I arrived at 9am at the Penitentiary Unit #48 in San Martin, Buenos Aires. I am here because of Rugby.

My path to the Penitentiary began with a chance meeting of a rugby coach. I had been searching for a new topic to photograph, and become fascinated with the idea of deconstructing the stereotypes surrounding a sport that had only become popular in Argentina over the past several years. Many believe the sport to be elitist, and not easily accessible to the majority of everyday people in the country.

In my meeting with the coach, I also discovered he trains a team in prison..."The Spartans".