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Where Floods of ‘Biblical Proportion’ Drowned Towns and Farms — New York Times
rory doyle
Aug 1, 2019
"Where Floods of ‘Biblical Proportion’ Drowned Towns and Farms" for The New York Times:…/…/business/mississippi-floods.html

The people, land and wildlife of the lower Mississippi Delta are going to experience a long recovery from this year's backwater flood, which has been going on for about 6 months. As a Mississippi citizen, this story is so important, and it means a great deal that The New York Times also recognized the significance. Thank you to editor Brent Lewis for trusting me to photograph it, and thank you to writer Patricia Cohen for crafting this challenging piece.

Most importantly, thank you to the people going through it all for allowing me to photograph and share your stories.

By Rory Doyle —

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