Adolfo Pumarejo

Student & Photographer
tampico, lugar de perros de agua
Location: Tampico, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican-American
Biography: Adolfo Pumarejo is a mexican-american photographer currently living in Tampico, Mexico. He has been working in several proyects since 2013 when he first began street photography.  As of 2015, he has  continuously  been working on... read on
Public Story
tampico, lugar de perros de agua
Credits: adolfo pumarejo
Date of Work: 08/01/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/07/20
Location: Tampico
My dear Tampico,

People in South Texas would look at me funny whenever I told them my plan. They could not comprehend why I would choose to move in with you. In their minds, to return to the "third world" when I already lived in the "first world" felt like a downgrade.

But I was determined, my heart told me it was the right choice. I couldn't take it back, I had to face the uncertainty of the roads that followed.

Now, my time to graduate and earn a degree gets ever so near. I cannot tell what the next step in my life is. Maybe I will stay with you, maybe I'll move elsewhere. Whatever awaits me in the future, I didn't want to let any more time pass without declaring my love for you.

I've spent the past 4 years next to you in this tiny corner of the world. In all that time I've exchanged steps in a romantic dance with the emotions and feelings involved in the experiences you've given me, those which have molded my persona up until today.

With you, I have been in 2 relationships, I lost my grandmother, I have felt peace at your beaches and fear with your police. I've dances, laughed, drank, cried, but above all,


Yes, without a doubt, I have lived. You are what I would call a radical experience. For that and more, I am grateful to you.

We should not evade a reality, people spit on you, insult you, they belittle you, and use you until you are not longer useful. People do not see your worth.

But no matter how wrongfully they speak of you, I will not listen. You are worth a lot to me, I value you. You will have a special place in my heart, forever.

And that is because,

I love you, my lovely Tampico.

I love you, Tampico: Lugar De Perros De Agua (Place Of Water Dogs, Otters)

Adolfo Pumarejo, 2020

Querido Tampico,

La gente del sur de Texas me veía chistoso cuando les decía mi plan por primera vez. No lograban comprender porque escogí mudarme contigo. En sus mentes, regresar al “tercer mundo” cuando ya vivía en el “primer mundo” era degradar mi vida.

Pero yo estaba determinado, en mi corazón yo sentía que eso era lo correcto. Y enfrenté la incertidumbre del camino que elegí.

A poco tiempo de terminar mi carrera profesional, yo no sé cual es la siguiente etapa de mi vida. Quizá me quedé contigo, quizá me vaya a otro lugar. Sea lo que sea, no quería continuar mi vida sin antes declarar mi amor por ti.

He permanecido los últimos 4 años en esta pequeña esquina del mundo junto a ti. En este tiempo he intercambiado pasos en un vals con los sentimientos y emociones de las experiencias que me has dado, mismas que han moldeado quien soy hoy en día.

Contigo estuve en dos relaciones, reprobé un clase de algebra, perdí a mi abuelita, tuve paz en tus playas y lagunas y sustos con tránsitos e incluso federales. Bailé, reí, tomé, lloré, pero sobre todo,


Si, sin duda alguna viví. Fuiste lo que le llamo una experiencia radical. Y por ello te doy gracias.

No hay que evadir la realidad, las personas te escupen e insultan, te tiran al piso y hacen menos, te usan hasta que ya no te necesitan. Las personas no ven tu valor.

Pero por más que hablen mal de ti, para mi vales mucho y siempre tendrás un lugar especial en mi corazón.


Yo te amo, mi bello Tampico.

Yo te amo, Tampico: lugar de perros de agua.
Adolfo Pumarejo, 2020

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