Anita Pouchard Serra

Visual storyteller and photojournalist
ALGERIA(S), a mosaic of heirs
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: French-Argentinian
Biography: Visual storyteller and Photojournalist // Born in 1985 // Buenos Aires, Latin-America and paris //  former architect and anthropologist French-Argentinian photojournalist and visual storyteller, based in Buenos Aires Aires and working... MORE
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ALGERIA(S), a mosaic of heirs
Copyright Anita Pouchard Serra 2023
Updated Apr 2023
Location France
Topics editorial [featured], feature [featured], personal [featured]
Algeria(s), a mosaic of heirs  seeks to draw a portrait of the composite community linked to Algeria on French territory and its archipelago of memories, after 130 of colonialism, 8 years of war (1954-1962), 1 milion people back to France in 1962 and decades of algerian migrations in France 
Algeria(s), a mosaic of heirs seeks to draw a non-exhaustive portrait of the composite community linked to Algeria on French territory. Based on encounters across France, it aims to ask questions, highlight contradictions, what brings people together more than we imagine, what also divides. A reportage at ground level, in counterpoint to national narratives, inspired by my own family history and my interest in transnational relationships, histories and identities.
More than a reportage, it is an essay. A first stone of a necessarily long and slow work, which will have to continue. A path nourished by my own questioning and the desire to discover, listen to and understand those of other "heirs", however different they may be. Here, no linear or descriptive narration, but six portraits around which gravitate a series of sequences that function as microcosms of ideas, questions and emotions that sometimes answer each other smoothly, sometimes clash. To make visible to the eye and the mind the chaos of deep emotions that Algeria arouses today, from France.
Here we speak of identity (s), transculturalism, migrations, exiles, belonging, racism, in a transversal way. It is from these visual encounters that possible dialogues are born, together, but also questions that would disturb us in the depths of ourselves, whatever our link or not with Algeria
The portraits of Norah, Mohamed, Samira, Marte-Hélène and Salvador, Momo, and Emilie are part of the final version of this project but many other people have contributed and inspired, through their time, their history, their ideas and conversations to the genesis of all the images of this project which explores without limit the idea of Algeria and its manifestations, collective or individual in French society.

With the support of the BnF - National French LIbrary with the photographic comission " Radioscopie de la France" and LFI - Leica Fotografie International
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ALGERIA(S), a mosaic of heirs by Anita Pouchard Serra
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