Pilar Vergara

NYC Subway Portraits
Nationality: WORLD
Biography: Pilar Vergara's interest in photography began in her home country of Chile,  where she earned a degree in journalism. While living in Chile, Pilar felt drawn towards using photography as a way to document the struggles of the people. She... read on
Public Story
NYC Subway Portraits
Credits: pilar vergara
Updated: 06/30/20

Alienation has been a subject of art since the first artist felt lonely. It is often said that one of the strange qualities of New York City is how a person can feel so alone in a city of eight million people. When someone boards a train on the subway, it’s hard to imagine how. One sees happy and sad faces, calm and worried people, folks rushing to work and taking it easy. People of all races, nationalities, cultural groups crowd together. There should be someone for everyone in New York, and yet we still feel alone.

When you’re in the subway, you’re reckoning with those who seem different and those who seem familiar. A banker will rub shoulders with a janitor, a native New Yorker will give their seat up to a person who arrived from across the world a week ago.

The goal of this project is to capture this sociological phenomenon. I want these photographs to tell a simple story: we’re all people with hopes and fears, successes and failures, accomplishments and regrets.