Emily Pederson

Until We Find You
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: United States
Biography: Emily Pederson is a documentary photographer and filmmaker from Rhode Island, United States. After three years in Mexico, covering social movements and the impact of Drug War violence, she is now based in New York City. Her work has been supported... read on
Public Story
Until We Find You
Credits: emily pederson
Date of Work: 01/14/15 - 03/12/16
Updated: 01/09/18
Location: Guerrero, Mexico

On September 26, 2014, a mass disappearance sent shock waves through Mexican society. That night, students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers College were traveling by bus in Iguala, Guerrero when they came under armed attack by police. The series of shootouts left over 20 students wounded and three dead, one of whom was tortured and found the next day with no eyes or face. During the attacks, police abducted 43 of the students. They have not been seen since.

This series follows the aftermath of these attacks for the community of the 43 missing students. The case, which implicated the city's mayor, every police force in the area, and the military, sparked a mass protest movement led by the families of the disappeared. It became an enduring symbol for Drug War corruption and the more than 26,000 missing people across the country. Despite the outcry, inconsistencies and deception in the government’s investigation have pointed to a coverup, and the students’ whereabout remain unknown.

Like the families of other missing people across Mexico, the loved ones of the 43 students are consumed and tormented by uncertainty. They have no body, no answers, no justice, and no closure. Three years later, they continue to demand accountability and search for their missing sons.


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