Judith Parrott

My Corona
Location: Scotland
Nationality: UK / Australia
Biography: I work as a photographer, sound artist and writer and have 18 years professional experience exploring cultural identity and the relevance of belonging for personal and environmental wellbeing. To this end I have held residencies in Canada,... read on
Public Story
My Corona
Credits: judith parrott
Date of Work: 04/05/20 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/09/20
Location: scotland
I have worked with photography, sound and writing for 18 years, spending much time outdoors in wilderness and meeting with fascinating people in interesting places; collaborating with them to take their photographic portraits. My photographic series have always centred on the stories of the people I meet.

Under the isolation of COVID-19, I am turning the camera on myself in response to life under lockdown in Scotland. In addition, driven by the absence of my customary access to wild and remote landscapes, I photographically bring the outside world in.

This new series challenges my usual social documentary approach. I no longer “take” photographs but create fantasies that come from within myself, constructed to tell a story. Using colour and post-processing techniques, the images become an alternate reality, a temporary escape from the real world. The use of a Corona beer bottle top in several of the images, often well hidden, references the pandemic. Using the limitations of the home as my inspiration, I aim to create a playful but serious, personal perspective on our shared experience.