Miguel J. Rodríguez Carrillo

Photojournalist @ Freelancer Photojournalist / Based in Bayamón,Puerto Rico and Daytona Beach,Florida

About me : I’m a freelance photojournalist living in Puerto Rico and United States at Daytona Beach. Thru the lens I have been able to capture historic moments to keep contributing to the photojournalism world. I am currently a... read on
Focus: Photojournalist, Sports, News, International News, Assignments, Editorial, Newspapers, US Politics, Breaking News
Skills: Sports, Apple Final Cut Pro, Photo Editing, Photojournalism, Drone Pilot, Photoshop
Clients: Miguel J. Rodríguez  Carrillo | StoriesEl Nuevo Día Miguel J. Rodríguez  Carrillo | StoriesPrimera Hora