Michael Nguyen

Arrived safely at Munich Central Station from the Ukrainian War Zone
Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Nationality: german
Biography: Most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul. “With my camera I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday life. I also... MORE
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Arrived safely at Munich Central Station from the Ukrainian War Zone
Copyright Michael Nguyen 2022
Date of Work Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
Updated Mar 2022
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In view of the current and harrowing situation in the war against Ukraine, more and more people from the war zone are now arriving at Munich Central Station. A central contact point is available to the arriving people from Ukraine at the main station.

The City of Munich, the Caritas Association and the network Welcome in Munich are present there with volunteers and offer arrivals an initial orientation in their native language. This includes, among other things, information on registration and forwarding to the arrival center, referral to psychosocial when needed by the people as well as information on accommodation and onward travel.

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