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Michael Nguyen

The World and Everyone We Haven't Known (in This Life)
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Nguyen via Visura
Asset ID: VA64807
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Nguyen, 2022
Collection: Art Feature
Location: Germany, Austria, Italy
Topics: Art Documentary Editorial Feature Journalism People Photography Street
Also by Michael Nguyen —
Munich, Germany
A young woman stands waiting in a columned hallway in a short skirt, black top with free arms and a red motorcycle helmet on her head.
Unterföhring, Germany
# 2205
A family during the pandemic on a small sports field at a school area during the pandemic. The mother is busy climbing, the man is holding the pram with one hand, the second older child is standing next to it with a bicycle helmet and watching.
Munich, Germany
# 2943
A man with a cigarette in his mouth, with ash not yet fallen off, walks past a wall on which his shadow with cigarette falls. In front of him a bench.
Mestre/Venice, Italy
# 2896
People protect themselves with a Corona mask walking on the street during the Corona pandemic, one pushing his bike.
Venice, Italy
# 2880
A tourist couple sitting at a pate in Venice next to a bridge in Venice. A seagull flies by.
Padua, Italy
# 2830
A woman wearing a Corona mask stands with her opened umbrella on the street in Padua  in front of a medieval wall with a colourful painting.
Munich, Germany
# 461
A young bicycle courier has a flat tire. He kneels on the ground and tries to fix it. His orange delivery box with which he delivers food lies next to him.
Munich, Germany
# 1634
A man with a cap, wearing a covid mask stands at the modern designed entrance of a subway city of Messestadt Riem, a district in the east of Munich. It is located entirely on the site of Munich-Riem Airport, which was closed in 1992, and is now home to a residential area for 16,000 people as well as numerous office buildings, the New Munich Trade Fair Centre and the Riem Arcaden shopping centre.
Munich, Germany
# 1990
A young man walks on the sidewalk past the entrance of a colorful office building. He has headphones on and seems to be listening to music. Above him, three surveillance cameras.
Munich, Germany
# 2001
A young Muslim woman sits on a staircase leading to a train station. Next to her, the window front of an office building.
Munich, Germany
# 2062
A man lies asleep on a bench of a square in front of a luxury hotel in the center of Munich.
Wasserburg a. Inn, Germany
A man with a red backpack comes from shopping and walks past a white house wall to the entrance. He has pulled down his blue Covid protective mask.
Gauting, Germany
Two workmen are standing on the roof of a house talking.
Herrsching, Germany
An old lady with her shopping trolley is passing through a depressing scene full of graffiti. The way she dragged her belongings while not paying attention to the surroundings made an impression that she came into this world, has seen it all, and is ready to step out of it.
Moosburg/Isar, Germany
# 1891
View of the platform of a train station through a parking garage. A woman and a man are waiting for a train and keep their distance from each other.
Ingolstadt, Germany
A woman in a blue coat and red handbag is walking on a sidewalk. In the foreground a house wall on which a large sunlight reflection.
Darmstadt, Germany
A homeless woman sits on a staircase at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Above behind her a sculpture.
Darmstadt, Germany
A man crosses a wide passageway to a large courtyard. above him a large sign of a Corona Test Center.
Mühldorf a. Inn, Germany
A girl starts running outside the station to catch her train. The mother, on the right, is watching her. Mühldorf / Inn, Corona Hotspot Bavaria 2021
Bologna, Italy
A woman with a handbag and a travel bag stands on a wide bicycle path in Bologna near the train station.
Venice, Italy
A man sits on a fountain in Vendig Centre at night and looks at his smartphone.In the background is a house with a picture.
Mazzorbo/Venice, Italy
Two young men are on their way home in the Social housing on Mazzorbo from the 1980s. (Architect Giancarlo De Carlo). One of them looks at his smartphone as he walks.
Lido/Venice, Italy
# 2913
Two friends are walking on a footpath past a large modern garage door. One is pushing his skateboard with one foot. Below them, numerous steps.
Nuremberg, Germany
# 1000
A young man with backpack stands with Corona mask in a floor of a parking garage at the edge of the road, in the right one a water bottle.
Braunau, Austria 
# 2690
A couple is walking and has just crossed a railroad crossing. Behind them the barrier, traffic lights and warning signs.