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Michael Nguyen

Surprisingly miraculous
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Nguyen via Visura
Asset ID: VA65032
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Nguyen, 2022
Location: Germany
Topics: Documentary Editorial Essays Fine Art Germany Journalism Photography Photojournalism Street Urban
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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3661
In front of the back of the Philharmonie Luxembourg are two small toilets for tourists. The Philharmonie is a concert hall in the city of Luxembourg, built from 2002 to 2005 in the Kirchberg district at Place de l'Europe. The architect is Christian de Portzamparc. The white main building has the shape of an eye in its ground plan. The facade of steel and glass is visually dominated by 823 white columns with a height of 20 meters and a diameter of 30 centimeters.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3637
Facade of the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg. The theater is a performance venue for theater, opera and dance in Luxembourg. The theater was opened in 1964. The architect of the building is the Frenchman Alain Bourbonnais.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3629
The Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, or Mudam, is Luxembourg's museum of modern art. It is located on the grounds of Fort Thüngen (Dräi Eechelen) on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg City. The architect of the building, which opened in 2006, is Leoh Ming Pei. The museum bears the name of Grand Duke Jean, father of the current Grand Duke Henri.
Trier, Germany
# 3651
A facade made of Horten tiles. Building of Horten department store in Trier, Fleischstraße (today Galeria Kaufhof) with typical facade of Horten tiles. The Horten tile is the building block of a special building facade, named after the Horten department store. It was designed by Helmut Rhode around 1961.
Bamberg, Germany
# 3580
Two outdoor halogen spotlights on ropes in front of a red house wall.
Düsseldorf, Germany
# 3476
A blue bathrobe and a gray towel hang on a hotel window outside to dry.
Passau, Germany
# 3462
Entrance to an administrative building of the Kachlet power plant in Passau a dam operated by Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH with a double lock and hydroelectric power plant in the Danube.
Neuss, Germany
# 3472
The facade of the UPS office building complex with numerous windows, one of which is open. A street lamp in front of the building.
Düsseldorf / Germany 
# 3451
Sculpture of a couple by the artist Christoph Pöggeler on a Litfass column in the city centre of Düsseldorf at Burgplatz. Germany, Düsseldorf, 24.5.22

Rotterdam / The Netherlands
# 3445
A tourist excursion boat on the Rhine in Rotterdam: A sightseeing boat of the company Splashtours sails on the Maas past the cruise ship AIDA prima on 26 May 2022, anchored in the port of Rotterdam.

Munich, Germany
# 3437
Cross on the roof of the Ecumenical Church Center (Catholic and Protestant) in the Olympic Village in Munich. International church services were held here during the 1972 Olympic Games. The center was realized by the Munich architects Christ and Karg.
Berlin, Germany 
# 3403
Small wooden cottage in a gap of two new buildings at the Grand Hyatt.
Berlin, Germany 
# 3396
View of the facade of the Futurium Berlin. In front of it, a public lounge with seating as rest areas. It is covered by a dense pattern of dots.
Berlin, Germany
# 3394
Nightly view of the canteen in the Paul-Löbe-Haus in the government district in Berlin. East side, seen from the Spree River. The lamps are from the former Palace of the Republic in the GDR. The canteen is mainly reserved for members of the Bundestag and their staff.
Berlin, Germany 
# 3360
A single pigeon sits on a small tower in front of a house wall at suburban train station Halensee.
Olching, Germany 
# 3309
Colourful façade of an upper floor of an office building. In front of it a small tree.
Munich, Germany 
# 3270
View through the glass windows of the Arnulfsteig Bridge, secured with thin metal struts, of the Google Development Centre Munich office building at Donnersbergerbrücke. In front a long train is moving.
Munich, Germany 
# 3253
View of the roof of the new Munich Volkstheater. In the foreground, a mound of rubble at a construction site.
Munich, Germany 
# 3250
Sport ground at the Multicultural Youth Center in Munich Westend.
Munich, Germany 
# 3271
Colorful walls and benches at the sport ground in the Multicultural Youth Center in the Munich District Westend.
Aschaffenburg, Germany
# 2496
View into an empty parking garage at the train station in Aschaffenburg. In the background square windows with a view of the station.
Leipzig, Germany 
# 3214
2021, the new building of the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - (SAB) was opened at Gerberstraße in Leipzig. The pillar garden in front of the SAB consists of 159 pillars with a height of approx. 20 meters. The design of the outdoor facilities was made by Vogt Landschaftsarchitektur.

Leipzig, Germany 
# 3206a
Night view of the Elstermühlgraben, an approximately 4000 meter long, partially underground millrace in the Leipzig city area. In some places, areas at bridges are illuminated by light from red neon tubes.
Dresden, Germany
# 3194
Partial view of the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, founded in 1912. The sculpture Ball Thrower by Richard Daniel Fabricius was already on display at the Hygiene Exhibition in 1911. The athlete Ewald Redam was the model for the ball thrower.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3188
Construction site of a new research building and office complex "Stadtarchiv Alte Messe". The Leipzig City Archives on the Old Exhibition Grounds in the converted former Soviet exhibition pavilion. Above the building still the Soviet star; it is a listed building. The City Archive documents the history of Leipzig with evidence since the Middle Ages.
Munich, Germany
# 3145
Protest at Prinzregentenstraße 63 opposite the Villa Stuck Museum in Munich. The Russian Consulate General is around the corner. Moscow-born Irina Revina Hofmann protests against Vladimir Putin from her balcony. She has been in contact with government critics in Russia for a long time.
Salzburg, Austria
# 3123
Reflection of a red metal structure of a large garage on a divided bluish glass surface of a roof on a garage site.
Augsburg, Germany
# 3082
A house at the Fuggerei in Augsburg. Behind a window stands a man, in the middle a tree that casts a shadow. The Fuggerei in Augsburg is one of the oldest existing social housing estates in the world. Jakob Fugger donated the terraced housing estate in 1521. Today, 150 needy Catholic citizens of Augsburg live in the 140 apartments of the 67 houses for a very cheap rent. In return, they say an Our Father, a Creed and a Hail Mary once a day for the family Fugger.
Ismaning, Germany
# 3072
The Light House, designed by mbeam, studio for light art, a house consisting of luminous walls. The multifaceted play of colors and light varies in size and intensity depending on the time of day and the weather.
Ismaning, Germany
# 3065
A school building, the windows half-closed with blinds and vertical intermediate struts. In the large courtyard in front of it, a stone table tennis table.
Ismaning, Germany
# 3062
A half yellow, half white painted wall. A small window, a gutter on the right and a delicate tree with small red fruits casting its shadow.
Venice, Italy
# 2878
Night in a small canal in Venice. The windows on the right are brightly lit.
Inning, Germany
# 548
On a red house wall is a large sign "Please keep clear", to the right and left of it a no parking sign.
Berlin, Germany
# 3385
The roofing of the entrance area of the embassy building of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Berlin.
Munich, Germany
# 3092
Futuro House by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne.
Munich, Germany
# 1184
An old concrete factory in the middle of Munich's Obersendling district. By the roadside

Dachau, Germany 
# 1910
Mannequins of a fashion store "watch" an excavator on a construction site in front of the shop windows. By the roadside # 1910 Dachau
Bregenz, Austria
# 2439
Two people walk past the back of the Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB for short). A yellow lifting platform is erected on the glass facade of the building. The museum shows international contemporary art in changing exhibitions in Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg. It was built by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.
Braunau, Austria
# 2257
A plant grows between two yellow-orange houses.