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Arrived safely at Munich Central Station from the Ukrainian War Zone
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Nguyen via Visura
Asset ID: VA67745
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Nguyen, 2022
Collection: Feature News
Location: Munich, Germany, Europe
Topics: Children Documentary Editorial Essays Feature Journalism News Pandemics Photography Photojournalism Politics Refugees War and its effects

Michael Nguyen

@ Visura Visual Agency Based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul. “With my camera I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday...
Also by Michael Nguyen —
A woman sits squatting on the floor of a hall at Munich Central Station. She has a plastic cup in her hand containing soup. Her daughter is standing in front of her with a sausage sandwich in her hands. She looks at the bread she has already bitten into twice. Both of them, like many others, have been provided for by Caritas.
A woman plays with a pink balloon with her granddaughter in a hall at Munich Central Station. They arrived today from Ukraine. The father of the child tells the lady has stayed in Ukraine.
A Ukrainian woman stands with her daughter in the station concourse in Munich at the central contact point from the Caritas Association. Both are wearing Corona protective masks. In front of them are their belongings: two small travel bags.
Volunteers have a Ukrainian flag over their shoulders. They advise Ukrainians who have just arrived and are looking for help.
People from Ukraine in front of the Caritas food bank. A man comes with a plastic bowl of soup. On the left, a large pallet with plastic drink bottles. In front of them sits a boy with a plate of soup.
A girl in a pink winter coat lifts her stuffed bunny with big floppy ears out of her mother's travel bag.
A young mother from Ukraine carries her baby in her arms. Behind her, benches of the railway station. On the left, a child with a Coca Cola bottle in her hand. On the bench, two women with their belongings and two plastic cups of coffee.
The helpers for the people from Ukraine have a lot to do. In the background, the food distribution in front of the wall. On the right, the counselling point; in front of it, the volunteers with a Ukrainian flag over their shoulders are discussing the situation.
People from Ukraine fortify themselves with soup, bread and drinks in the hall of Munich Central Station.
A helper fetches beverage supplies from the europallet for the beverage counter.
Caritas sign at the entrance to the hall at Munich Central Station that was made available for the people from Ukraine.
Two women with their rescue dog. The dog is wearing a muzzle. He is sitting on a woman's lap with two paws. In the background a mother feeds her child with a soup spoon.
A Caritas volunteer. He says that they offer help 24 hours a day, in addition to their job.
The young man lives with his wife and two children in Ukraine. He is very grateful for the help he receives.
Volunteers sort food and drinks for distribution. A boy stands in the foreground and watches. A woman has a large box of biscuits in her hand.
Arriving people from Ukraine walk with their belongings to the benches in the rest areas. Two Caritas helpers are available for information and assistance.
Numerous children have also arrived at Munich Central Station. A boy on the right carries his belongings in a heavy bag.
A Caritas helper searches for information on the internet on his smartphone for people arriving from Ukraine.
Numerous people from Ukraine stand at the Caritas food stand. In the middle is a boy smiling and holding out his hand to a girl. She is wearing a green jacket and looks down sadly. She is holding a small doll in her hand.
A small child stands somewhat forlornly in the station hall that has been prepared for the Ukrainian people. In front of him is a doll with bare feet on the floor. Next to it is a boy looking at the child. A Caritas worker has passed by with a small trolley carrying food.
An elderly lady walks with her walker through the hall of the Caritas aid organisation at Munich Central Station. She has placed her few belongings on her rollator. Next to her are some Ukrainian children.
A little boy stands alone in the hall for arriving people from Ukraine. His gaze is sadly directed forward.
A mother walks quickly behind a Caritas volunteer in the hall at Munichs main station. Her son behind her carries a heavy backpack with her belongings. He puts his hand against his mother's back, looking for help.
Volunteers are setting up a second food distribution station for Ukrainians arriving at the main station.
A volunteer uses a megaphone to give information to the Ukrainian people seeking help.
A young girl is back from the Caritas food bank. She is drinking from a plastic cup. In her right hand she is holding a cheese sandwich of which she has already eaten half.
A Ukrainian mother receives help with information from a volunteer. Her daughter is standing next to her. All wear Corona protective masks.
View of a quiet zone with a few people from Ukraine. A woman is eating a loaf of bread. A volunteer checks if help is needed.
A woman from Ukraine has a balloon in her hands and is chatting with a volunteer in the station concourse. Her little granddaughter demands attention, stretching out both hands to get the pink balloon.
Briefing of the volunteers to help the people from Ukraine in the station hall.
View of the arrival hall for people from Ukraine at Munich Central Station
People from Ukraine stand in the arrivals hall at Munich Central Station. They are waiting. In the background, some pigeons sit on the floor and peck at leftover food and crumbs on the floor.
Signs for people arriving from Ukraine at the Caritas Infopoint in Munich Central Station.
View of the Caritas arrival hall at Munich Central Station for people arriving from Ukraine.