Matthew Busch

Photographer / Videographer / Writer
The Urban Fringe: Migrant Communities in India
Location: Austin, Texas
Nationality: American
Biography: Matthew is an American photographer whose work often looks inward, exploring themes of belonging, relationships, and memory through his photographs and writings. His work often examines subcultures in America and elsewhere, looking closely at how... MORE
Public Story
The Urban Fringe: Migrant Communities in India
Copyright Matthew Busch 2023
Date of Work Aug 2017 - Ongoing
Updated Sep 2022
Location Mumbai, India
Topics Community, Documentary, Environment, Family, Immigration, India, Journalism, Migration, Mumbai, Personal Projects, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics
The explosion of people living in cities around the world, estimated to be at 6 billion by 2045, constitutes the largest migration and concentration of human beings in history.  From all across India migrants come to Mumbai, millions in the last decade. Those coming seek economic liberation from the stagnation and listlessness that they feel in countless villages across this disparate country. It has happened suddenly, and without ceremony. Picking up and leaving seems to be part of the human experience. Moving, always moving. This project looks at the ethos of migrant communities in this city, and what that reality looks like for them and their families depending on Mumbai, the fourth largest city in the world with an urban agglomeration of over 20 million people.
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The Urban Fringe: Migrant Communities in India by Matthew Busch
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