Matthew Busch

Photographer / Videographer / Writer
Texas Mandaean Community
Location: Austin, Texas
Nationality: American
Biography: Matthew is an American photographer whose work often looks inward, exploring themes of belonging, relationships, and memory through his photographs and writings. His work often examines subcultures in America and elsewhere, looking closely at how... MORE
Public Story
Texas Mandaean Community
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Date of Work Jul 2018 - Ongoing
Updated Feb 2022
Topics News, Spotlight
The narrative around refugees and immigrants continues to foment a negative undercurrent in today’s America. Texas is second only to California in accepting refugees since 2002. Such an atmosphere of inclusion is threatened by ignorance and fear surrounding specific communities. One of those communities fleeing religious persecution abroad that has decided to settle in Texas, is the Mandaeans. They are a closed, ethno-religious community originating in the Middle East, on the present-day border of Iran and Iraq. They are often identified by their religious practices, which include river baptisms by members in flowing white robes. Their holy books are written in ancient Aramaic. With a population of approximately 3,000 in San Antonio, Texas alone, (the largest of any U.S. city) the community here constitutes a major percentage of the nearly 70,000 that remain worldwide. After the beginning of The Iraq War in 2003 and subsequent instability in the region, larger numbers sought sanctuary elsewhere. The generation of Mandaeans growing up today will have to face the challenge of coming to terms with their past and their future in America.
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