Matt Propert

freelance photographer and photo editor
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Location: Europe and USA
Nationality: USA
Biography: Matt Propert is a photographer and photo editor based out of the US and Europe. His photography has been shown in one-person exhibitions and published nationally and internationally. His work has been featured in many National Geographic books... read on

This project combines landscape, still life, and interior scenes in a series of photographs attempting to capture the beauty in ordinary West Indian life. I have spent months wandering the islands, mainly the Lesser Antilles, looking for subtle and nuanced scenes that hint at the complex tapestry of both historical and contemporary West Indian culture. I found myself inspired by the most minute details, from the sensual delicacy of my mosquito nets, to the charming cats that would visit my doorstep hunting for cockroaches. The Caribbean islands have a sad history of corrupt governments, European colonialism and slavery, and rampant overdevelopment, but it is the beauty, resiliency, and sometimes whimsy of the culture and landscape that I hope shines through in the images.


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