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Anjali Kumari
Location: Buenos Aires
Nationality: Spain
Biography: I have had a memorable and rather convulted childhood travelling between Madrid and Buenos Aires, but the experience has left me with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the ephemeral. The best way for me to cherishing my learnings is by... MORE
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Anjali Kumari
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Updated Oct 2012
Topics Documentary, Family, Happiness, Mental Illness, Photography

The second day after Anjali Kumari (nicknamed Anju) was born she suffered from severe meningitis and a respiratory failure. She fell into a coma for 18 days. When all hope was lost, and she was given up for dead (even when her relatives had prayed to the Gods in temples 300km away from her hometown in McLeod Ganj), she came back to life once again.

Today (2012), she is eleven years old. Her teachers say that she is a "slow learner" and she has been labeled as "mentally challenged" by doctors.

Nevertheless, Anju leads a rich, happy and functional life. I met her in 2011 entirely by chance when exploring the area. It has been a blessing and turning point in my life, and I am determined to visit her as much as I can during my life.

Meet her, and welcome to her world.