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Biography: Mateusz Sarello was born in 1978 in Warsaw. A Graduate from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, he is a member of the Napo Images agency (Napo Mentor Program). He is also a member of Spoldzielnia Dokumentalna (Documentary Cooperative), and has... read on
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Credits: mateusz sarello
Updated: 12/15/11

Warsaw, the capitol of Poland, situated in middle-east part of the country in the Mazowsze region by the Vistula. The city is the largest in regards of both population (1 716 855 registered citizens) and terrain (517,24 km2 with the Vistula).

Warsaw is considered by many Poles to be the port of call, or final destination depending on the given situation. As a last gasp of hope, in retreat from poverty and substandard life, Warsaw is perceived to chance to make a difference, one could say the best place to fulfill the „Polish dream”. The place to chase and evolve your career without getting attached to locales and people. There are few who love Warsaw (no more than 10% of its population consists of native citizens). The only ones who can truly relate to this city are those are those who are just like it: constantly on the move and belong to no one. This either the place where you’ll stay or treat as yet another stop in your life’s journey, this is where you close and open up new chapters in your life, this is the place where the time is inconsistent and flows by its own rules, everything comes full circle…someone runs, someone comes, someone waits…. standing still you wouldn’t get the impression that this is the same place, with everything changing…moving. People you pass by on the street have no names and are indifferent towards the city, because they still haven’t reached their destination although they always come back.

As for me, Warsaw is the final destination of a journey. My journey. If I were to be honest, I would say I hate Warsaw. Hate, yet love at the same time. It attracts me like a magnet and I always come back.


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