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Biography: Mateusz Sarello was born in 1978 in Warsaw. A Graduate from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, he is a member of the Napo Images agency (Napo Mentor Program). He is also a member of Spoldzielnia Dokumentalna (Documentary Cooperative), and has... read on
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Updated: 10/29/10

Wilkow Commune (Poland) has been afflicted with an unprecedented disaster of flooding and, as a result, over 90% of the commune area was below water. Over 4,000 local residents have had to abandon their homes and they are without their livelihood, having lost their farms and machinery, in one moment they lost everything they had. Wilkow Commune is agricultural area, sole source of income of the residents of Wilkow was fruit farms and hop plantations. Practically the entire commune infrastructure and public services for residents have been wrecked. The residents of Wilkow and surrounding areas are facing a social catastrophe. They will facing long months and years of hard work in order to rebuild the potential of their land. Thanks to the governments financial aid repairs will be only a matter of time. However, getting over the emotional damage caused to the citizens of Wilkow is what may prove difficult. In the following parts of this project I would like to focus on how those people are returning to their everyday lives and coping with the blow that was dealt to them.


By Mateusz Sarello —



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