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Marco Casino

Transmedia documentary photographer and videographer @ Leica Camera AG (sponsorship) / Luz (distribution) / based in Milan Marco Casino portfolio on Visura - a professional network to connect with photo editors and art buyers, and build photography portfolio websites. Visura members, like Marco, share photojournalism, art photography, landscape, travel photography, portraits and more. Marco has 0 stories, community news posts, and 3 images shared in the photo stream.

Trans-media documentary photographer and videographer specialized in long form social reportages.   Since 2016 Casino focused his researches and works in a long-form documentary narrative, called Post-Internet Era, documenting... read on

Anita Pouchard Serra

Visual storyteller and photojournalist
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Antonio Gibotta


Sarah Morris

Photographer / Editor
Los Angeles 

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C., with a particular emphasis on national politics and the federal government

Planetary Health Alliance

A consortium of universities, NGOs, and other partners working to support the growth of planetary health.

Ottavia Fabbri

Cali, Colombia 

Carolin Kuest


Whitney Johnson

VP, Visuals & Immersive Experiences
National Geographic 

Andy Ruiz

AR Creative / VR Producer

Valeria Ferraro


Torsten Anderson

Photo Editor
Bild Zeitung 

Chloe Coleman

Photo Editor
The Washington Post Sunday Outlook 

Brent Lewis

Photo Editor
The New York Times 

Ana Elisa Fuentes

Former Assign/Archives @AP @Getty @Reuters @LATimes @NYTimes @UN CELTA teacher of English; Adult Literacy Tutor. Climate/Social Justice/Human Rights

Tomaso Clavarino


Bloomberg Businessweek

The best of Bloomberg's visual storytelling

Dee Swann

Senior Photo Editor for Digital Engagement
The Washington Post 

Issa Nyaphaga

Photographer & Founder of HITIP
Santa Fe 

Roger Ricco

Multi-disciplinary artist
Woodstock, Ny 

Manila Camarini

Chief Photo Editor
D La Repubblica - D Lui 

Andrew Johnson

Documentary photographer/filmmaker
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 



Eric Weeks

Chair | Photography Department
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design 

Elissa Curtis

Deputy Photo Director
The Wall Street Journal 

Amy Kellner

Photo Editor
The New York Times Magazine 

Stacey Baker

Associate Photo Editor
The New York Times 

Jeff Heimsath

Photo Editor
National Geographic 

Laura Geiser

Senior Photo Editor, News
BuzzFeed News 

Magdalena Herrera

Director of Photography
GEO FRANCE / Prisma Media 

Magda Rakita

Photographer + Filmmaker
Cambridge, UK 

Anne Farrar

Director of Photography
National Geographic Travel 

Nicolas Jimenez

Director of Photoraphy
Le Monde 

Kira Pollack


Kathy Ryan

Director of Photography
The New York Times Magazine 

Jared Miller

Photo Editor

Jen Tse

Photo Editor

Mindy Kay Bricker

Executive Editor of Print
Foreign Policy 

Rebecca Frankel

Deputy Editor, web
Foreign Policy Magazine 

Megan Breukelman

Photo Editor
Atlas Magazine 

Stephanie Heimann

Photo Director
The New Republic 
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