Marcelo Carrera

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Marcelo Carrera  – São Paulo – 1969. Graduated in Business Administration, Post-graduated and MBA in Marketing (USP, ESPM & The Wharton School Pennsylvania). ... read on


Marcelo Carrera – São Paulo – 1969. Graduated in Business Administration, Post-graduated and MBA in Marketing (USP, ESPM & The Wharton School Pennsylvania). 

I have approached art through music, which I have studied and played for 5 years, both playing and composing. I participated in festivals and in the recording of 3 discs. I’ve concluded countless Arts, Movies and Philosophy courses in São Paulo; and in Rio de Janeiro I studied Art and Photography at Parque Lage, Espaço Figura, Casa do Saber and Ateliê da Imagem. In addition to courses with Charles Watson, João Castilho, Caio Reisewitz, Walter Firmo, Jorge Bispo, Claudia Tavares, Flávio Colker, Pedro França, Renan Cepeda, Thiago Barros, Joana Mazza, Denise Cathilina, Cláudia Buzzetti, Eder Chiodetto, Marcos Bonisson, Cia de Foto, Pedro David, Franz Manata, Fernando Cocchiarale e Anna Bella Geiger. Currently developing an photographic authorial work and participating of several collective works (Totem Art, Inconsciente Coletivo, Senta o Dedo e Imaginário) in partnership with artists such as Leandro Neves, Pedro Farina e Tatiana Guinle.

I have participate in collective exhibitions such as : Edno, Araka, O Estendal (curated by Claudia Buzzetti), A Cara do Rio (at Centro Cultural dos Correios). My project Totem Art, in partnership with Tatiana Guinle, participated in Foto Frio 2011 in Centro Cultural dos Correios - RJ, Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo – RJ, -Centro Cultural Hélio Oiticica - RJ, and Centro Cultural Justiça Federal - RJ, curated by Milton Guran.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, where I have my photographic research and I dedicate to, among other things, to the art and analogical photography study, using medium- and large-shaped cameras.

My main interest focus is the impermanence, the constant changes of things: "everything flows, nothing persists or remains the same” – Heraclites. My relationship with philosophy appears in my work several times. The questions that it raises compose my photographic language, my view of the world and my poetical interpretation of the imaginary.

Photographing fulfils me with pride, I seek what is not in the surface, what is not said about what is not even conscious. I try to face my fears, and the difficulty of dealing with my own choices. I face my prejudices, and refuse to abandon my own truths, and add to the comfortable common sense. Photographing to me is something intense and deep, like a catharsis.

I use analogical photographic techniques that enable the mistake and surprises, and after I incorporate these images as unconscious messages that value the uncertainty and the lack of control that we have over everything around us.

I believe that it is necessary to open the mind and the lenses to this subjective dialogue about the imponderable.

“I do not think being a man who knows.I've always been a man who seeks, but even now most do not seek in the stars and in the books:begin to hear the teachings my blood whispers to me.It's not pleasant to my story, is not smooth and harmonious as invented stories, knows the folly and confusion, madness and dreams, as the lives of all men who no longer want to lie to themselves.” 
Herman Hesse