Nicola Longobardi

Be Water - Portrait of a Revolution
Location: Hong Kong
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Nicola Longobardi is an independent photographer, who is based in Hong Kong. He grew up in Italy where he studied photojournalism at John Kaverdash Academy with Sandro Iovine. At age 25, he was a student of the well-known Beijing Culture and... read on
Public Story
Be Water - Portrait of a Revolution
Credits: nicola longobardi
Date of Work: 08/11/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 08/26/19
Location: HongKong
From June 9, 2019 million citizens gathered in Hong Kong to demonstrate against the proposal of an extradition bill.
In the beginning the protesters demanded the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, now, after several weeks of protests the demands become 5. 

1- Full withdrawal of the extradition bill
2- An independent commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality
3- Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters”
4- Amnesty for arrested protesters
5- Dual universal suffrage for Legislative Council and the Chief Executive

The tactics used by the protesters are inspired by the phrase of Bruce Lee at the base of his Kung Fu, Be Water. Following this idea, the protesters arrive at one point, clash with the police and soon go away.
Hong Kong protesters use black as a dress code. The black is the color with which they recognize themselves.
Before each protest they preapre themself. Many try to raise public awareness by staying in safer areas carrying slogans and images of the events that the square denounces.
Others wear gas masks, helmets and protections to defend themselves from the police or from the attacks of the triads; becoming a sort of metropolitan warriors.

By Nicola Longobardi —

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