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Story in Audubon Magazine | Photography and media news

Story in Audubon Magazine

Erika P. Rodríguez | Photographer

Hurricane Maria did not just affect people, but it also destroyed most of the trees home to birds and other animals in the island. On December, three months after the storm, the annual Christmas Bird Count of the National Audubon Society took place in Fajardo, a coastal town in the east of Puerto..

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Photographing my grandfather for The Wall Street Journal | Photography and media news

Photographing my grandfather for The Wall Street Journal

Cate Dingley | Photographer

This was such a blast. I got to photograph my grandfather, Kurt Stocker: the man who taught me how to drive on dirt roads in the mountains of Colorado when I was 12, taught me how to shoot a gun and change the oil in a car, and made me fall in love with the Southwest and New Mexico green..

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Publication in NEON Magazine | Photography and media news

Publication in NEON Magazine

Charlotte Schmitz | Photographer

In the current NEON a reportage written by Christopher Piltz and pictures by Johanna-Maria Fritz and me.  For the past nine months, Johanna-Maria Fritz and I went to Tiergarten, a central park in Berlin, where many refugees take drugs and engage in..

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"Gourougou" receives Honorable Mention in the Monochrome Awards 2017. | Photography and media news

"Gourougou" receives Honorable Mention in the Monochrome Awards 2017.

Txomin Txueka | Photographer

"Gourougou" wins an Honorable Mentions in the Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 (Professional: Photojournalism category). Photojournalism - Honorable Mention - TXOMIN TXUEKA..

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"Sure We can..." | Photography and media news

"Sure We can..."

thomas freteur | Photographer

Work in Progress Brooklyn, USA 2018

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