Livia Radwanski

Freelance Photographer
Location: Mexico City
Nationality: Brazil
Biography: Livia Radwanski is a Brazilian freelance documentary photographer filmmaker based in México City. She received a BFA in Film/Animation/Video at Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. She worked at Pochron Studios, a fine art photography... read on
Public Story
Mexico.The Battle of Palo Alto
Credits: livia radwanski
Date of Work: 09/19/17 - 11/15/17
Updated: 03/29/18
For over 44 years a battle has been fought in the neighborhood of Palo Alto in Mexico City. Migrants from Michoacan state arrived in the 1940s to work as mine workers in the land they currently inhabit, living in slums at the edge of their working site. In the 1970s with land speculation and the development of the now financial and commercial area of Mexico City, Santa Fe, they were "invited" to leave their homes and work. They resisted eviction and set up a cooperative in which the land is communal and there is only one property deed.
In 2017, the Palo Alto Cooperative is faced with a new wave of pressures from real estate speculators as the development of a new Megaproject in the region might jeopardize much of what they have conquered.

* Published on March 14th, 2018 on the iItalian magazine /newspaper Internazionale as : " Il quartiere qui resiste al grattacielli di Citta di Messico ". Click for link. 


By Livia Radwanski —

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