Leah Dyjak

Assistant Professor of Visual Art
New Beach
Location: Massachusetts
Biography: LEAH DYJAK is an interdisciplinary, lens-based artist whose work combines performance, labor, film, and photography to explore how generations of human use affect the ecologies of place. Dyjak’s images and site-specific installations often... read on
Public Story
New Beach
Credits: leah dyjak
Date of Work: 01/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/03/19
Conceivably, the ocean contains all time and all places with the coastline delineating where the understood meets the unfathomable. It acts as a boundary, the line between where we walk and where we float. Standing at the edge is a way to become physically close to our point of origin, geologically, biologically, metaphysically. It is the terra incognita of the modern world. A thing that affects us all. The line of the coast as we know it changes with every crash of a wave, so quickly our data becomes obsolete instantaneously.