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    Vanishinghetto by laura montanari 
Location: rome
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Laura Montanari was born in Rome a long long time ago..... Her photographic training was self-taught, with testing in shooting and in the darkroom. She is currently based in Rome and she's interested the most in social issues. Or better to... MORE
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Updated Apr 2020
Location Angola
Topics Black and White, Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Personal, Photography

As part of my long term project “Restlessness” regarding the attitude of people to move during the day, the seasons, their whole life or generations I also examine events that force people to move or to stay against their will or potential attitude. And I was moved from the following question: how is it possible to reconstruct after 3 decade of conflict?

28 year of civil war destroyed 1.5 million lives, infrastructure, traditional economy, and social structure, making millions of refugees. Two generations are missing and also the potential to rebuild. Teachers, professionals and management are often to be imported.

The focus of the project is about the daily life of people in Sambizanga district. Volunteers decide to spend their holidays there and the local volunteers activity is focused on subtracting children from the streets.

Casa Margherita was one of the Care Homes that hosted displaced children in Motta, Sambizanga, almost called Lixeira. Alberta took care of twenty children, five of hers and the other arrived here in different ways. The youngest, L., has three years and was abandoned outside the door of Casa. Now the foster home has close due to lack of funds.

Children in Lixeira, a favela where during the civil war the refugee flow together to run away from the conflict, often leave the family to live and work on the streets. These “Casa Famiglia”, Care home, managed by Angolan people, are part of a long-term project to bring them back to their family or as a last choice, to find a new valid one, and give a professional education 

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