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Other Stories/Historias Bravas

Other Stories/Historias Bravas

Part II

Since 2009, I have been working on Other Stories/Historias Bravas, a series of photographs where I collaborate with my immediate family to address issues of memory, representation, identity and oblivion.

In Part II, I've decided to honor my heritage and follow the path of a Yachaj and document the process. A Yachaj is a healer, a medicine person, someone who understands the language of nature, believe to be half jaguar/half human.

Although, this work is an exploration of a personal journey, it intends to bring into attention the necessity for self-reflection and awakening from our current state of consciousness.

The people involved in this project call themselves "natives", or "originals" and their interpretation is by no means related to any type of artistic impulse. They recognize themselves in relationship to the earth which is both primal and the center of creation. Through deep inner contemplation, they could contemplate everyone around them, thus, becoming one; this is where their cosmovision arises; where a Yachaj begins his/her journey.

By involving myself as a documentarian and as an apprentice, I am interested in raising awareness of these ancient practices, which in fact, are at the scope of anyone to understand and reconsider our relation with people, nature and ourselves.