Birgit Krippner

Seeing myself
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Nationality: Austrian
Biography: Availabe for assignments in New Zealand and abroad. . Born in Austria, Birgit Krippner has lived in New Zealand since 2003. Her specialty is capturing candid images using only available light. She often works in low... read on

By Birgit Krippner —



By Birgit Krippner — 'Smitty'  NYC native Smitty plays his original compositions on National Reso-Phonic metal-body guitars bottleneck style with a virtuosity..

Seven Train, Queens NY

By Birgit Krippner — In May 2015 I was walking the seven train line extensively, starting at Times Square in NYC, and ending up somewehre in Flushing, Queens. Diving..

Trans Siberian Railway

By Birgit Krippner — Going on long train trips in my childhood was one of my preferred ways to travel. When I got older, I developed the vision of taking the Trans..

26 Days at Sea

By Birgit Krippner — “I first had this dream when I was a teenager, in Austria, watching ships sail the Danube. About six months ago, while walking the Seatoun beach..


By Birgit Krippner — 'Israel/Palestine'. After spending two weeks in Israel and Palestine I realized, that this is a place which I need to visit again, to continue my..

Tame Iti, A Māori activist

By Birgit Krippner — This ongoing project comprises photographs during Krippner’s regular visits with Ngāi Tūhoe a Māori iwi (“tribe”) of New Zealand, also..

Ngāi Tūhoe, a Māori tribe

By Birgit Krippner — Tūhoe are a NZ Maori tribe (Iwi) - known as the "the children of the mist" because of mist that often experienced in the Te Urewera - their home..

Unexpected the Expected

By Birgit Krippner — Small Town Cop in Perryville, Mo. “I’ll park the car and walk the square, checking door locks and windows of local businesses, making..
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