• Kiana Hayeri

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  • Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
    Nationality: Iranian-Canadian
    Biography:   Kiana (b.1988) grew up in Iran and migrated to Canada as a teenager. Faced with the challenges of adapting to a new environment, she took up photography as a way of bridging the gap in language and culture. After an incident in her personal... read on
Public Project
Beyond the Veil
Credits: kiana hayeri
Date of Work: 07/01/10 - 06/01/13
Updated: 05/14/17
Location: Tehran

With more than seventy-five percent of the population under the age of thirty-five, Iran remains one of the youngest, and most Western-seeking countries in the Middle East. As many young Iranians try to gain more freedom in the way they dress or interact with the opposite sex, this is all done with the threat of persecutions, both legally and socially. While the world may not realise, small acts of defiance can be seen everyday. For example, youth women put on a bit more makeup, wear more colorful clothing, reveal bare arms, push their headscarves further back or involve themselves in relationship, and enjoy the taste of alcohol or ‘banned substance’ behind closed doors. These are all done in attempts to move away from socially defined roles and expectations, and choose a life based on individual choice. Highlighting the personality and determination of this generation in subtle and quiet ways, ‘Beyond the Veil’ captures a window into this disobedience both behind closed doors and on the streets of Tehran. This project not only explores the 'veil' in its literal sense of the word, the Hijab, but also as the curtain that delicately separates public and private lives of Iranians. In times when politicians speak of isolation and aggression, this project offers the Western audience a rare and unique view into the lives of ordinary people living in Iran today. (2010-16)