Katie Hayes Luke

Photographer/Multimedia Producer
A Point in Time, 2016
Location: Austin, Texas
Nationality: American
Biography: I am a freelance photographer and multimedia producer in Austin, Tx. A regular day could have me shooting pictures, producing a video project, editing multimedia or planning long-term projects. I love good light, clean sound and tight edits.... read on
A Point in Time, 2016
katie hayes luke
Feb 12, 2016
As part of an ongoing project in the Oklahoma City area dealing with homelessness, I photographed the Point in Time count for the The Homeless Alliance in OKC, OKlahoma. All communities receiving funding from HUD, the United States Department for Housing and Urban Development, are required to conduct a Point in Time Count each year the last ten days in January. In order to do this, volunteers and outreach workers decend on known homeless camps and other areas with a known homeless population starting at 4am. 

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