Katharine Lotze

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Nationality: American
Biography: | Photojournalist specializing in sports & action photography |  My passion for photography began with a passion for sports. As a graduate and record-holding track athlete for Central Washington University, I spent weekends... read on
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Credits: katharine lotze
Uploaded: 12/21/18
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By Katharine Lotze —



By Lori Lotze

Denver Broncos v. LA Chargers

By Katharine Lotze — A special opportunity to photograph the Denver Broncos v. the LA Chargers at StubHub Center through Broncos team photographer Gabriel Christus...

for Clinton Cargill

By Katharine Lotze — Images were photographed for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. Licensing would likely be through them.


By Katharine Lotze

Before It's Too Late

By Katharine Lotze/The Signal — Before It's Too Late Originally published in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal as a series of stories from May 2017 through October 2017. This series..

Save Lexi

By Katharine Lotze

High Desert Heaven

By Katharine Lotze — By Katharine Lotze Originally published in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal The hikers will tell you the trail always provides. But before they get..

family: full-frame

By Katharine Lotze
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