Juan Diego Reyes

Healing Faith
Location: Asheville, NC
Nationality: Colombia
Biography: Colombia. 1990. Juan Diego migrated to the U.S. with his family at the age of nine. The challenges of assimilating into two cultures helped shape his view of the world and inspired his curiosity about different cultures, peoples, and places. It is... read on
Public Story
Healing Faith
Credits: juan diego reyes
Date of Work: 09/29/18 - 10/05/18
Updated: 05/09/19
Faith, like everything human, does not manifest in the abstract but rather incarnates itself in some circumstances, in a small place, in a beloved face, or in the desire, at times almost desperate, to heal. 

This work documents a cleansing, or healing ceremony, called a “Black Bath” used to cleanse and heal the body and free any bad energies caused by jealousy and envy. Cleansing is a very common practice throughout Latin America, where it takes different forms of execution. The work was developed in Concepción, Bolivia, as part of the 20 Fotógrafos camp organized by Colectivo +1, and sponsored by National Geographic, Sony and other allies. October, 2018.
La fe, como todo lo humano, no se manifiesta en lo abstracto sino que se encarna en alguna circunstancias, en un pequeño lugar, en una cara amada, o en deseo, a veces casi desesperado, de sanar.

Este trabajo documenta una limpia, ceremonia de limpieza y sanción, llamada un "Baño Negro” que se utiliza para sanar el cuerpo y liberarse de malas energías causadas por celos o envidias. La limpia es una practica muy común en toda America Latina, donde toma diferentes formas y practicas de ejecución. El trabajo fue realizado en Concepción, Bolivia, en el marco del campamento de 20 Fotógrafos organizado por Colectivo +1, y patrocinado por National Geographic, Sony y otros aliados. Octubre, 2018.

By Juan Diego Reyes —

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