John Gallo

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Location: Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: John Gallo is a social documentary photographer who tells stories with photographs addressing his deep interest about the critical issues for the sustainability of developed countries. He explores new ways to expound reality, conveying... read on
Public Project
Merry Go Round
Credits: john gallo
Updated: 06/24/15
Location: Portugal

A tale of freezing amusement at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.

Winter Wonderland happened every year since 2007 in Hyde Park – an incredible set, full of all sorts of popular attractions – it’s a magnet attracting people of all walks of life that end up spending a few hours having fun on the site and giving money away to all sorts of carousels, food, drink, markets and rides.

Winter Wonderland is the capital's most popular winter event – since 2007 14 million people visited the Christmas destination.

According to the Sunday Times “it’s Christmas to the max”.

Winter Wonderland is a catalyst, a place where all meet, where race, credo, background and social class are completely irrelevant and where everyone can have fun for a few tokens. This is what makes this event so special and one of the venues in London where you get immersed in a truly diverse crowd.