Jason Houston

Location: Boulder, CO
Nationality: n/a
Biography: My work explores how we live in the planet and with each other, looking at issues related to the environment through community and culture, and from the perspective of humanitarian concern. Having worked in over 30 countries, most in the... read on
Public Story
Independent Exhibition and Presentation

I have been photographing environmental issues in the places where people and nature intersect for over 10 years. This collection and the resulting exhibition represents some of the core images from these projects. 

My photography focuses on people and their stories as a way to help make exotic, complex, and sometimes controversial stories personal and accessible to a broader audience. My approach to conservation photography is informed by an understanding that when we talk about conservation we cannot simply talk about preserving plants and animals and landscapes, but must also be improving the lives of those who live with these natural resources and rely on a healthy, functioning ecosystems. My goal is not to merely educate on issues or document successes, but to provoke conversations on the complicated dynamics that must be understood for conservation work to be done well.

These images are culled from various assignments for conservation NGOs and other projects and cover issues ranging from fisheries management to reciprocal water rights in watersheds to deforestation to endangered species protection to over grazing to food and agriculture. They document conservation efforts and diverse cultures in locations including Borneo, Mexico, Seychelles, Nicaragua, Kenya, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and the United States.


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