Jason Houston

Location: Boulder, CO
Nationality: n/a
Biography: My work explores how we live in the planet and with each other, looking at issues related to the environment through community and culture, and from the perspective of humanitarian concern. Having worked in over 30 countries, most in the... read on
Public Story
Credits: jason houston
Updated: 07/07/19
Location: Ancón, Peru
Feature Story for Nature Conservancy Magazine (Summer 2019)

Ancón is a coastal town 50kms north of Lima, Peru and a popular summer destination for weekend getaways to the beach. It also has a 5-8,000 year history of reliance on the sea for food. In addition to the summer beach goers, Ancón hosts a harbor full of small-scale, independent fishermen, some who are working closely with The Nature Conservancy to better manage the fishery and maintain their deep cultural roots in the sea. I first scouted this story in 2015 and returned several times to update the pitch as programs developed. I finally produced the story for Nature Conservancy for the summer 2019 issue.

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