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Location: Rome Italy
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Ivano Grasso was born in Rome, Italy. Having studied Business Accounting in Rome he moved to Milan and attended the Riccardo Bauer Photography Program then moved to London and completed a portraiture course at Westminster University. He spent the... read on

The project explores the Roman people and their activities today.

 Italians are people of habits unwilling to abandon their routines and comforts. But the globalization and various migration patterns are affecting the lifestyle and trends of its inhabitants. The practical result of this transformation shows clearly in the lost of traditional jobs and the strong presence of different ethnic groups in the work force. In this moment of extreme economical insecurity it was interesting to me to explore visually the new scenario trough portraits of contemporary Romans. My intentions are to collect a wide perspective of what the Romans are, look and do today, showing traditional trades as well as new and alternative trends.It is important to me also to underline the slow but persistent integration of new immigrants in the social texture and the still strong presence of ”off the books” labor.

Ultimately this body of work should document that hopefully Rome too, after all is becoming a cosmopolitan city of the world.


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