Ania Gruca

Photographer // Videographer// Journalist // Director
Location: Paris
Nationality: French & American
Biography: Ania Gruca is a self-taught documentary photographer-videographer whose interests lie in the lives of underreported communities and individuals. May it be through current social issues, collection of memories, investigation of the past or new... MORE
Politique Africaine - Matérialités du vote
ania gruca
Mar 6, 2017
The new issue of Politique Africaine: Matérialités du vote, is featuring some of my work on the elections of Zanzibar. 
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Zanzibar Elections 2020

Ania Gruca / Zanzibar

Zanzibar in Paris at Bar 61 Friday June 1st

Ania Gruca
Politique Africaine - Matérialités du vote by Ania Gruca
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