Florence Iff

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Location: Zurich
Nationality: Switzerland
Biography: I was born in Switzerland where I am currently living. Before spending four years in New York City where I absolved the fulltime program of ICP, I was educated as an artist. Subsequently I graduated as a teacher of fine arts. As I'm using... read on
Public Project
The Towers
Credits: florence iff
Updated: 10/26/16

The main subject of my project is gentrification observed in the architectural shift.

As in many cities worldwide, old neighborhoods are torn down to make space for either fancier, commercial oriented or even plain luxurious sites.

As a low-income citizen myself I have been obliged to move several times to the outskirt due to real estate speculation within low-rent neighborhoods. Unfortunately as an artist one is in turn the vanguard for booms and therefore new real estate development in either industrial or formerly uninteresting environments. Like for many working-poor a long-term rental and hence a stable environment for both parents and children is a mere wishful thinking. The growing disparity between rich and poor worldwide is transparently displayed in difference of construction and segregation at close range.

The presented pictures are an example of this development. In the city of Milano (Italy) this is happening right now and one can very clearly observe a shift from subsidized habitats to architectonically thrilling but unaffordable, gentrified and artificial environments.

Circling around the main attraction of this new center in Porta Nuova, the two residential towers called The Vertical Forest as the main visual attraction, the remaining surroundings stands in high contrast and eventually out of place.

My goal is to show similar proceedings as illustrated wherever I travel or stay. The main focus will be a distinguishable building, which I will circle around, comprising the original surrounding

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