Vito Finocchiaro

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Location: Sicily
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Vito Finocchiaro was born in Sicily in 1965. His passion for photography has always been present in his life. Free professional. Careful observer of problems. His passion for his work let him “live” and “tell” facts about people of this... read on
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Side effects
Credits: vito finocchiaro
Date of Work: 02/24/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/26/18

Loneliness is an aspect of human existence.

Each man and woman, indeed, during their lifetime, experience this emotional state which places people in a condition of bareness in front of their being and their weakness.

Recent statistics show that almost 4 million Italians and 20% of the world population feel this state of being alone.A state that can irreversibly affect all aspects of an individual's health, from the cognitive area to the behavioral area. Most of the forms of isolation are experienced so painfully to trigger severe depression.

Those who live in this state of affairs often take refuge in alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and tend to close themselves by creating a kind of vicious circle that severely affects their physical and psychic state. According to some researchers at the University of California there would be a real biological link between the bad health and the loneliness of an individual and would affect at least 50% of the risks of premature mortality compared to those who live a normal social life.

Mascali, Sicily – Italy. I followed for more than a year Alfio's claustrophobic life, his isolation, his pain. I have experienced the state of degradation of his home. I have seen the depression slowly catch her thoughts. I saw her taking refuge in alcohol and drugs. I heard her silent crying in the darkness of a cold room. Alfio is sick, has a heart attack, needs to detoxify and go to the community. Alfio wants to die.


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