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Tara Cronin, B. 1981, New York, NY   There are places that are part of what we call Home. I explore ways to discover that Place, a memory of a place that could be both standing in... read on


Tara Cronin, B. 1981, New York, NY


There are places that are part of what we call Home. I explore ways to discover that Place, a memory of a place that could be both standing in our world and yet have never quite existed.

There is something to say for the power and earnest Necessity of Myth in many forms in our daily Humanity.

Tara Cronin is a New York City-based an artist working in various mediums focusing on photography, installation and book-arts. She received her MFA from the ICP-Bard Program and her BA in Writing from New School University, both in New York City.  While battling hospitalizations and mental illness during undergraduate work, her healing process veered her toward writing and artmaking in response; this experience greatly shapes the themes in her work.           

Tactile and sensate qualities are important in Tara’s work, whether it be via presenting­­ paper or stone to be handled by viewers, applying writings and various substances directly to her negatives and prints, or ambient sounds filling a dim room.

Having exhibited throughout New York City and Internationally Tara's most recent exhibitions include a group show at the International Center of Photography in New York City: I'll be your Mirror: Navigating Interaction in the Digital Age in Fall 2013, and as a group show participant and as one of ten guest speakers at an event marking the 40th anniversary of the S&T Policy Fellowship Program at the AAAS [ American Association for the Advancement of Science ] in Washington, D.C.: The Art of Science Policy also in Fall 2013. 

Tara was delighted to be given her first solo exhibition at the Museum of the City of Queretaro, Mexico, in the fall of 2012. Pictura Gallery exhibited Tara’s work in a Two-Person-Exhibition, in 2011 April in Bloomington, Indiana and she is Twice the recipient of the ICP Director’s Fellowship Award in 2008 and 2009.

Tara and partner Ed Chen have a startup company - sprung from Ed’s response to Tara’s artwork using basic Life 'ingredients' such as blood and chlorophyll. Its goal is to transform traditional skepticism of climate change through an invention that captures CO2 from the air and turns it into useful materials, and addresses other universal situations with two other unique technologies that desalinate water and turn natural gas into useful fuels, respectively. Through her participation in these endeavors, Tara hopes to promote the importance of Science and Art as being symbiotic. 

Tara recently released the books of three artists in Fall 2014 co-published between Schilt Publishing and Magical Thinking Publications, an art and education organization she co-founded with business partner and artist Joshua Lutz. Tara also hosts her co-founded project of the "Fred Talks - Ted Talks with Friends" a monthly lecture series that includes discussions on the arts, sciences, and any topic in between

Being strongly supportive of a ‘generalist’ attitude toward the one life we are given, while Tara’s focus is on her art practice, she readily admits to an eager lay-learner-attitude of various branches of the sciences. This information is as much considered as how that physicality relates to our wordless and complex human experience – she applies both perspectives in her startup endeavors, her daily life, and very much in her artwork.