pedro farias-nardi

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nationality: Dominican, Italian
Biography: Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Pedro Farias Nardi is a photojournalist focused on the lives of people that are socially and economically alienated. He covers an array of topics that vary from the response of these groups to... read on
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Credits: pedro farias-nardi
Updated: 03/22/16

Procession is a series of four diptychs created for a contest done by the Ministerio de Cultura de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Culture Ministry of Santo Domingo) for Easter 2011.  The theme of the contest was Religion.  I decided to show the official religion Catholicism, in black and white with the Good Friday Procession; and juxtaposed in color with the festivities of a Gaga (a syncretic religion –Catholicism and African Religion- in Dominican Republic) in the outskirt of La Romana province.  The idea was to show the differences in the festivities of both.  Furthermore, to show that popular religions are part of our culture too.  In the past the winners had been with images of Catholic practices in the country.  This series won first prize in the contest of that year.


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