david sacco

El Barrio de Salamanca
Location: Madrid
Nationality: italy
Biography: I was born and Turin a spring of 1983 from an Italian father and Brazilian mother. I grew up in a multicultural environment that gave me the opportunity to absorb a little of each one and become a more open and prone to see diversity as a plus. My... read on
Public Story
El Barrio de Salamanca
Credits: david sacco
Date of Work: 01/19/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/28/19
Location: madrid
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An ongoing documentary project on the Barrio Salamanca's streets in Madrid, one of the most affluent and expensive areas in Europe with prices around 190% more expensive than the national average, Barrio Salamanca is home to la Milla de Oro - the Golden Mile - an exclusive shopping area.

The images are short tales of daily life in one of the most aristocratic and bourgeois neighborhoods of Madrid made of luxury, eccentricities and enormous contrasts in which its inhabitants seem to live in a bubble, indifferent to what surrounds them and lost in a spiral of egocentrism.


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