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Lion Dance Teens
By Martina Albertazzi
Updated Oct 20, 2018
A look into the acrobatic world of a group of Chinese American teenagers...
San Francisco, California Adolescence, Celebrations, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Happiness, Immigration, Minority, Music, Photography, Portraiture, School/College, Sports, Street, Teens, Travel, Youth
Montesi's Color
By Graham Letorney
Updated Oct 19, 2018
Montesi's Color "What I set out to do was produce some color pictures...
Conceptual, Photography, Travel
The Eyes Of Earth(Urmia Lake)
By Solmaz Daryani
Updated Oct 05, 2018
  The Eyes of Earth  “A lake is earth’s eye;...
Iran/East-Azebaijan/Urmia Lake Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Photography, Portraiture
By Scott Norris
Updated Oct 01, 2018
Following my father’s death, I had the disorienting experience of...
California Aging, Beachs, Buddhism, Conceptual, Diptych, Environment, Fine Art, Landscape, Mind, Nude, Perception, Personal, Portraiture, Self
Vegetal Mediations
By Scott Norris
Updated Sep 26, 2018
Film, Fine Art, Photography
By Jason Houston
Updated Sep 25, 2018
Previews & Teasers A quick preview of new work pulled from projects in...
Activism, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Globalization, Human Rights, IPhone, Photography, Photojournalism
Amazon's Isolated Tribes
By Jason Houston
Updated Sep 25, 2018
For nearly 5 months in 2017 I traveled with USAID to six different global...
Activism, Climate Change, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Forest, Globalization, Human Rights, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism
Agriculture And Habitat
By Joana Toro
Updated Sep 25, 2018
Industry And Energy
By Joana Toro
Updated Sep 21, 2018
Colors Of Little China
By Juan RodríGuez Morales
Updated Sep 19, 2018
I have always believed that a good photograph is hidden behind any corner....
Usera, Madrid, Spain Chinatown, City, Color, Daily Life, Documentary, Immigration, Migrants, People, Photography, Street, Tradition, Youth
Editorial Portraits
By Carl Bower
Updated Sep 14, 2018
Editorial, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Diane's Story
By Carl Bower
Updated Sep 14, 2018
On a winter morning, Diane warmed herself in the steam of her shower....
Washington, DC, USA Beauty, Black And White, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Candid, Documentary, Dying/Death, Editorial, Emotion, Illness, Longform, Mastectomy, Medical, Photography, Photojournalism, Plastic Surgery, Self Image, Sexuality, Survivor
Chica Barbie
By Carl Bower
Updated Sep 14, 2018
The pageants of Colombia provide a distilled environment for examining the...
Colombia Adolescence, Beauty, Beauty Pageants, Black And White, Candid, Colombia, Conformity, Culture, Documentary, Feminism, Identity, Latin America, Longform, Pageant, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Self Image, Sexuality, Teens
Fashion Film
By Anja Matthes
Updated Sep 06, 2018
Last Days of Summer Intro Video: Part 1 A lil fashion video...
Advertising, Beachs, Beauty, Black And White, Editorial, Family, Fashion, Film, Friends + Family, Happiness, Jewelry, Teenager, Beach, Black And White, Joy, Lifestyle, Love, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Portraiture, Teens, Water, Youth
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