Dinara Kasimova

The courageous people
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Location: Россия
Nationality: russian
Biography: Dinara Kasimova 19/10/1983 Russia A phrase, once dropped by a friend of mine, became the inspiration for my future work as a photographer. She, being an artist, said: “It must be very exciting to be a photographer! You can go everywhere;... MORE
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The courageous people
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Updated Jan 2014
Topics Cancer, Disability, Documentary, Human Rights, Illness, Love, Photography, photojournalism

These are remarkable stories of courageous people:a gypsy Natasha, a russian Alexander, an armenian Vrezh. All these people have gone through lots of ordeals, but every day of their lives proves that in any situation, no matter how hopeless it seems to be, one must always stay a Human.
I'm looking for people who can see this world from another point of view. They overcome their dailylife difficulties. But they do not lose heart. On the contrary, it makes them stronger, wiser.
As a photographer, I am working with these people.
I plan to publish a photo book. This book will contain about 8-10 picture stories of unusual brave people. Today I've filmed three such stories. Now I'm working on the stories about Vrezh and Alexander.

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