David Aimone

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Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography:   My works combine and synthesize modern photographic technology with very traditional tools and techniques to achieve a very personal and contemporary synthesis. I am intrigued with the expressive potential of this merger, which offers a... read on
Public Project
Monhegan, Island and Community
Credits: david aimone
Updated: 11/27/14

Monhegan is a small island 10 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the state of Maine in the USA.  Less than 5 square miles in size, most of the landscape has been put aside as a nature preserve.  The island has been a magnet for well over a century for artists from Rockwell Kent to Jamie Wyeth, as well as photographers Ralph Steiner, Bertrand Wentworth and Kosti Ruohomaa .

There is a reason why this island has attracted so many artists.  It is both stark and gentle.  The variations on terrain are remarkable for such a small island.  And the conditions change dramatically and quickly, so the same landscape can look so different in different weather, at different times of the day and year.

Yet as the island community becomes more integrated to the mainland through changes from the internet to Amazon delivery, it's existance as an artist (and lobsterman's) island is threatened by that integration.  A massive wind power project is being planned for the waters off of Monhegan, causing division among residents and visitors there.  Lobstermen are retiring their traps because of this project, and artists fear the visual and auditory effects of massive wind turbines just off the island's shore.

These photographs document the varied terrain and sights on the island, using a variety of both traditional and modern tools.  Antique lenses as well as modern cameras, both digital and film are used. My goal is to present the island in a way that is both familiar to people who know the island, yet from a perspective that differs from the traditional landscape image.


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