David Aimone

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Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography:   My works combine and synthesize modern photographic technology with very traditional tools and techniques to achieve a very personal and contemporary synthesis. I am intrigued with the expressive potential of this merger, which offers a... read on
Public Project
From Maine to Montepulciano
Credits: david aimone
Updated: 01/22/15

From photographers and brothers David and Steven Aimone, these images represent a view of two locations. Contrasts and commonalities are highlighted through the eyes of both Aimones. 

Images are presented in monochrome and framed to the same size.  These 24 images are selected from the larger pool of 48 images—24 from Maine and 24 from Italy.  This show is available to galleries upon request.  Contact David Aimone through the contact information on this site.

Currently scheduled to show during February-March at the NIche Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY; May at the Carina house in Monhegan, Maine; and this summer at the Albany Barn/Kings Place Gallery in Albany, NY.


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